Tutorial Schedule

Advances in Design and Implementation of End-to-End Learned Image and Video Compression

Wen-Hsiao Peng (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)*; Heming Sun (Waseda University, Japan)

Jan 3, 9am-12pm, in person


Vision transformer: More is different

Dacheng Tao (JD.com); Qiming Zhang (The University of Sydney)*; YUFEI XU (University of Sydney); Jing Zhang (The University of Sydney)

Jan 3, 2pm-5pm, virtual


Active Domain Adaptation for Visual Computing Applications

Shayok Chakraborty (Florida State University, USA)*; Hemanth Venkateswara (Georgia State University)

Jan 7, 9am-12pm, in person


SERUM: Semantic Data Engineering for Robustness Under Multimodal Settings

Tejas Gokhale (Arizona State University)*; Yezhou Yang (Arizona State University)

Jan 7, 2pm-5pm, in person